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I've been looking out for black trousers, I currently own one pair, skinny cut, the only full-length trousers I own that aren't denim. I think all the fuss about how trousers have been getting very interesting over the past few seasons - at least, every single UK newspaper fashion sections seemed very preoccupied by them - was getting to me.

I'm not at all tempted by the silly dropped crotched ones, but I was quite intrigued by the idea of something peg-legged. The reason why I haven't tried them earlier is because the idea of them sound incredibly unflattering to someone with a wide-ish ass, i.e, me.

I also thought it would be nice to find something like these, which are from Zero Maria Cornejo -

So I went to Zara, and unfortunately, all the peg-leg styles came in fabrics incredibly unappealing to me - too thick, too tweedy, too thin, too sheer. But I found these.

These aren't peg-leg (I think). I have no idea what one might call them. They're skinny from the calf-down, pleated at the waist, and it balloons slightly around the hips and thighs. I like the way it gives me room to move and I like the slouchiness. I've never found good slouchy - it always seems to be too baggy or droopy. Whatever it is, I liked it.

But I think just wee bit more loose-ness would be ideal. I mean, from certain angles, they look like normal black pants, almost exactly like the ones I own, except that I have space to stick my hands in the pockets. But one size up was waaay too big.

I spent 15 minutes trying to decide whether to buy these. They're flattering enough, they're comfortable, they're just slightly offbeat enough without being too extreme, they're very reasonably priced at S$75. In the end, I left the shop without them, because I told myself I should save money, and it seemed absurd to buy trousers when I haven't gotten around to paying phone bill.

But now that I've paid my phone bill, my thoughts returned to these trousers. I like them. It's a new silhouette for me. I'm going to check them out again.

Image of Zero Maria Cornejo runway show from


enc said…
What was the verdict?
fashionaddict said…
I bought them! Went back to try it and didn't feel like taking them off. I wonder why I didn't buy them in the first place.

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