the dust settles

Frustrating, terrifying, exhilarating, mesmerising, it was a lot to pack into seven days, and it all went as well as it could be expected from a family vacation. I now desire to take a dirt bike trip through Cambodia, though I'd be sure to pack my loofah this time because the amount of dust that settles on your skin just walking along its streets is unbelievable.

My previous trip was strictly a budget one - no hot water at the guesthouse, a bone-snapping seven-hour ride on dirt roads to the border - so it was nice that we sprung for something a little higher on the price ladder - still very inexpensive! - and with oodles of character. This is the Blue Lime in Phnom Penh -

And finally, I am so buying a DSLR - it was loads of fun to play with. Some of these were taken with a regular point-and-shoot, some with the borrowed DSLR.


FrigidBardot said…
Thanks for the pictures. It must have seemed like another world and even the air must have smelt different. I can imagine it must have been difficult to handle the extremes of life there like the immense beauty of the country next to the poverty of the people. Your attitude shows you have a heart and that says a thousand words.
Anyway your wanting to go back there shows the respect you have for this country and its people. Make the most of it because I feel its advancing at a scary rate.
Oh God I just realised I must sound like I'm preaching(LOL!)when all I wanted to say was Glad you enjoyed your trip and welcome back!

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