warring state

I don't usually check out menswear collections, but I was pretty bored today, so I did. As I typically do on the rare occasions when I check out men.style.com, I head for the designers whose women's collections appeal to me as well, so this time I checked out Rick Owens' first.

It ROCKS. It's a totally wearable collection and I love how the silhouettes and the style is exactly what he does for women, and it doesn't even seem to require any tweaking to make it work for men - even the furry knee-high boots. I also love the urban warrior thing, and some of the tunic styles look a lot like the armoured tunics worn by the terracotta army warriors in Xi'an, China. If only the costume designers of "The Matrix" took a few cues from this collection.

Images from men.style.com


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