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Okay technically I am not crossing into Cambodia over the Cambodia-Thailand border (pictured above) this time (that was hugely exciting crossing by foot, let me tell you), but the point being, I'm headed into Cambodia again for a short family holiday over Chinese New Year. A MUCH-needed escape from disgusting things, like work. Can't wait to leave! Let tomorrow come soon enough!

My trip back in 2003 was great. Cambodia was already fairly open to tourism by then, especially Siem Reap, where the famed (and utterly deserving of their fame) Angkor temples are. But it was still sleepy enough when I was there (no nightlife whatsoever!), and I was a bit sad to hear from a fellow traveller I met while in Vietnam recently that Siem Reap has been "fucked up by tourism", with prostitution and the like.

The sex trade is a huge problem in Cambodia (and in many parts of South East Asia) and it depresses me deeply whenever I hear of it. As a tourist, it's hard for me not to feel that it's somehow vaguely my fault for bringing commercialism (and all its negative trappings) into places I visit. I wished people were more responsible when they travel.

In any case, I support all causes that help to stem the illegal sex trade in my part of the world, and any action within my power to take. How's that for a (Chinese) New Year's Resolution?


That is a great resolution.
Cambodia sounds like a fascinating country to visit. I hope you have a good vacation.
FrigidBardot said…
Happy Hols and Kong Hee Fatt Choy to you in advance!

I envy you and would love to see the mystical Ankor Wat again. I've been to Cambodia but not really as an avid tourist, I accompanied a best friend of Cambodian/Teochew origin on a sentimental trip to help her come to terms with her loss during the war.

Enjoy your much needed break. I'm sure the change will do you good. Travelling always opens up our eyes and hearts I think.
theresa said…
I've never been to Cambodia before, I would like to go there someday! Enjoy your chinese new year!! :)
fashionaddict said…
Thanks, and I hope everyone had a great New Year too.

FrigidBardot, that sounded like a fascinating trip, if 'fascinating' is the the word. Angkor was a huge circus and the whole scene made me feel guilty about being a tourist but I would go back again and hopefully unobtrusively visit some less-trodden paths...

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