girl crush classic, part I

I enjoy her films - she has a gift for atmosphere and charm - but I enjoy her style even more. I have friends who think she's a dilettante, but if cool and good taste is a talent, then Sofia Coppola is a master. She's my all-time favourite on my list of girl crushes, the kind of girl that seems utterly comfortable with herself and exacting in her choice of clothes.

I often revisit these scans from the issue Vogue Paris she guest-edited in 2005 - it's like a mood board capturing all my favourite things without the hassle of actually creating one. Because I'm in that kind of mood, I shall indulge and image-bludge for the next couple of posts.

Images from i_heart_sofia


FrigidBardot said…
What a clever idea to do a crush crash piece on Sophia Coppola! She is indeed inspiring and sooo understatedly chic. Great piece of blog work. Chapeau!
I think we all have crushes with celebs and apart from Sophia I have this thing for Nicole Ritchie and Tilda Swinton too. Not forgetting my perenial girl crush for Kalamity Kate! I musy have a hundred magazines with her on the cover. I still keep buying them.LOL!
fashionaddict said…
Glad you enjoyed it, and I love Tilda Swinton too! And Kate Moss is always awesome. Check out this feature on her fab 90s style -

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