vintage chloe

I like this prefall collection better than the spring collection. Hannah MacGibbon seems to have channelled Phoebe Philo's Chloe days for this one, especially that beige dress with the black bow (my favourite of all the dresses). The short-sleeved coat with the plaid lining is also excpetional, and I love all the trousers - so nice to see normal trousers with the crotch in the correct places. I like the uncomplicated, unstuffy, femininity which was nicely tempered by the sombre colours. It seems like a good template to base what Chloe is as a brand on. I would like to see and touch these clothes for myself...which is usually a measure of how much I like collection.

(Her predecessor Paulo Melim Andersson would have gone in a slightly different direction, which I would liked to see more of, but it didn't last. Sigh.)

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T and T said…
This prefall collection is simple yet feminine. I love the first navy blazer.

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