because there are no men to ogle at in my office...

Shot by The Sartorialist. Such confidence. Even better from the back -

Shots from the back don't come by so often on street style blogs, but I do like this perspective once in a while, especially if the person is moving. It feels more dynamic, and also somehow more fleeting, as though you're really catching the sight of someone passing by, a nice feeling to get from a blog like this.

Image from The Sartorialist


FrigidBardot said…
The poser looks Italian to me and he probably had a swagger that went with his confidence and ease in front of the camera. I'm not a fan of Scott Schuman but he does surprise me sometimes.
fashionaddict said…
You're right, he was shot in Florence.

Scott Schuman certainly has his share of detractors/disadmirers, but I find myself drawn to his blog of all the style blogs.

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