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Went out yesterday with friends and while waiting for a table to be available for dinner, we popped into Zara, and in about 15 minutes, I tried on a blouse and bought it. Nicely made and added the touch of flou into my closet I wanted, and fits my cheapskate criteria that tops shouldn't have to cost more than S$50.

I wondered why I was shopping - this is my third purchase of January, the sixth since the last week of December - when my company has announced "belt-tightening" measures which means fiscally, it will be a more challenging year ahead.

The only answer I can think of is not a reassuring or responsible one; it's because I have always been a "have more, spend more" and "have less, spend less" type, and as my income dips and rises so will my spending. I will adjust to prevailing conditions rather than properly plan ahead for expected conditions.

Am I too old to be spending like this? (I do have a fixed monthly savings plan and I saved my last year's bonus...?)

Photographer: Annabel Mehran

Image from Annabel Mehran


brittney said…
ughh i too face that dilemma, the spend vs not spend, its one of my resolutions to have less and spend less but who knows *sigh* you're never too old for spending, its allll about living within your means..or so my mom tells me lol
I spend far too much of late, but I'm avoiding thinking about the future right now.
i have this same internal debate. im thankfully that i have the good sense enough not to have a credit card.

im beginning to see the light, about spending less on tops. i rather invest in jackets and bottoms.

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