"uniquely singapore"**

Look who showed up on Net-a-Porter! Alldressedup, tjhe label founded by The Link owner and retail doyenne Tina Tan-Leo! Looks like they're finding quite a bit of retail success internationally (I think the label is also carried at Saks Fifth Avenue, blogged about
this last year), which is always nice for a Singaporean label because our fashion industry is, shall we say, fledging.

I suppose having the connections of Ms Tan-Leo helps, since she probably knows a thing or two about the retail business and how to build a brand (the way Phillip Lim has found phenomenal success thanks to his savvy business partner Wen Zhou). I'ven seen some of Alldressedup's stuff, and while it's not really my cup of tea aesthetically speaking, the clothes are well-made, the designs have distinct look but also a wide appeal, and I felt it was Singaporean in the way that it suits our climate (hot), our lifestyle (metropolitan, hectic but casual) and the preferred way of dress of most women (feminine, touches of trendy).

The only part I'm a little confused about is that I thought the label was designed by Sven Tan, and there isn't any mention of him in the Net-a-Porter write-up, only that Ms Tan-Leo is the "founder and creator" of the label. Where did he go? Or is he deliberately sitting out of the spotlight.

Anyway, in related news, the Singapore Fashion Festival (not be confused with Singapore Fashion Week, why is there two?) is back - read more about it
here. I have some thoughts germinating in my head about this, and as it draws closer I'll probably try to put some of these thoughts down.

Picture from http://www.net-a-porter.com/Shop/Designers/ALLDRESSEDUP?designerStatus=RI

**a joke you'll only get if you've seen certain ads about our tiny island, or if you are a Singaporean and rolling your eyes whenever you see it


enc said…
Cool, fresh-looking stuff. I tried to find it on the NAP page, but for whatever reason, my search brought up "dress" rather than "alldressedup."
Anonymous said…
Alldressedup was also featured in the January issue of Lucky Magazine in their 'Next Big Things' article. Again, no mention of Sven Tan, but at least they mentioned Singapore! ~ E
fashionaddict said…
enc - i don't think anything is up yet at NAP, but if you copy the link I had at the bottom of the post, it'll lead you to the pictured page.

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