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Rodarte collections are a bit of an enigma for me - I usually hate or am indifferent to about 99 percent of the looks, but will love about one or two looks. And I'm still unable to decide if the spring knits were pretty and cool, or just ugly and itchy looking. Their fall collection however, has nudged me in the direction of conviction rather than doubt, and in a good way. I didn't like most of the colours or the pretty fairy things, but I adored the cartoon-y shoes - better than all the huge shoes designers have been doing because these are funny, like a punch line, but cool enough to not be silly -

And those are kickass fuzzy loose-knit tights.

The chiffons, especially those with slashes of red, are ethereal and the models look like they've been splashed (artistically) with colour -

Finally, about those loose knits, I maintain that they look very itchy and will probably irritate my sensitive nose, but they do look wonderfully spiderweb-y and again, I love the effect as tights -

Their inspiration, it has been reported more than a few times, is kabuki and Japanese horror films, and if you look through the whole collection, you'll see that it's more than just lip service. I might not always appreciate the designs of the Mulleavy sisters, but I do admire their knack for translating their esoteric inspirations into real ideas for clothes.

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