ecclesiatical chic

My first thought when I saw the latest Prada collection was of nuns and Orthodox churches, and strangely enough, I liked it. I draw the line at the bizarre little satin peplums accompanying many of the tops, but the blown-up stiff lace made into shirts, skirts and dresses are a no brainer, and the simple silhouettes - I like the pairing with turtlenecks - are a great way to let the fabric do all the talking. To wear it, I would take the items and rumple it up a bit, but I can't deny that the prim and subversive styling is pretty appealing too.

The non-lace items, like those metallic shifts and the prim shirts with the bibs are pretty cool too, and I find the nude looks somewhat creepy (like looking at the blank, sanitary anatomy of a mannequin) and sexy at the same time.

Pity about the bags and shoes - except for those HOT lace-up boots, the rest are definitely not my cup of tea.

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