emma cook's rockabilly cool

Well maybe it's because I've been recently introduced to the charms of country singer Brad Paisley, but I was really tickled and drawn in by some of the looks in Emma Cook's collection, which I thought did quite a nice job of capturing some of the buzzy things about the last season - star prints, Americana, ethereal layers - and turning it into something quite cool and original covetable. There was a parade of tie-dyed and plaids and fringes and cowboy shirt things -

I do love the tights - starry and lacey! ripped! shiny and latex-y and tie dye-ish! - and I curse the warm weather here which makes it unbearable for me to get into wearing tights too often here; I don't know how all the girls are wearing it. (But then, I never understood how women could endure heels, so it's probably just me and my low tolerance levels for suffering for fashion.)

But what I liked best were these soft dresses -

These appealed to me the most out of the rest of the looks, which had a stronger novelty factor that I suspect I will grow weary of, just like I know that this country music thing I'm going through isn't really my thing.

Pictures from www.nymag.com


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