after much debate...

My friend and I were gabbing about men and style something last week, and conclusion - we do not like overly fashionable men - though I will make a concession for Jefferson Hack, who toes the line well between fashionable and traditional.

Men who shop at Topman (at the moment, only teenagers should) and have thick blunt fringes (this is why we do not care for much of the men on Hel Looks, Facehunter etc) annoy us, style-wise (I'm picturing all those MisShapes types).

Dapper is fine, but trendy pisses us off - men, for us, should not be too
serious about fashion (personally, for me, nobody should, but my friend disagreed so we shall not digress further).

(Note that all this is a discussion of style, not personality or character, I'm not saying trendy men are annoying, I'm saying they look annoying.)

In the end, my friend voted Michael Stipe of R.E.M. for the best-dressed man, and laughed at me when I suggested Lou Reed. But that's because she didn't have this picture in her head throughout the conversation, as I did -

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enc said…
Well, thank gawd you didn't pick Iggy Pop! I used to swoon over Vernon Kaye, but not anymore.
Anonymous said…
That's a freakin' stupid notion that men cannot dress themselves as well as women. Good luck in your search for shabbily dressed men.

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