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If the New York collections (well, some of them anyway) were great for their wearability and simplicity, then London is fantastic for a really cool, extraordinary party dress - the sort of dress that makes me toss aside all notions of "where am I going to wear that to" and just say, "hell, if I buy it, the occasion will come".

My favourite of the lot is Roksanda Illicic's beautiful sweeps of satin -

The colours were luscious and I
love the draping; it's all done with a sure, confident hand. I suspect in real life though, wrinkles would have taken over by the end of the night - one reason why I hate wearing satin.

Erdem had these great watery prints and rich colours, and I like how designer Erdem Moralioglu took very prim shapes and silhouettes and somehow made them look edgy -

The winning dress for me, would be this great lace dress with that fantastic face-framing collar -

Beautiful, unusual, and still something I think I can pull off.

If you can ignore the fact that you are unlikely to be able to walk in any of these, then Mario Schwab's collection would be a hit with you -

I find myself oddly drawn to them - in spite of the fact that I hate tight clothes and you obviously need a supermodel body to pull these
off - I find the dresses elegant and creepy at the same time.

I've already raved about Christopher Kane, so no need to go on about those beautiful chiffons again. I just love how all these dresses, unusual and different and certainly grand as they are, they don't feel very "statement" - I don't feel bogged down by complex storylines and references and trends. Unique and uncomplicated is how I like my clothes best.

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