round up - jan '08

I don't think anyone can tell that I in fact own a vast quantity of dresses. Maybe I should actually start wearing them. What is it with me buying things and then just leaving them there, neither wearing them nor throwing them out? I love them all, but I never seem to be in the mood for them.

P.S. - I feel very odd going on about fashion after my previous post.


editor said…
i understand why you might feel self-conscious going back to fashion after the previous post, but honestly, i think we have these pleasures in life to offset the other parts. it's a much-needed reprieve from the ugly.
thank you for sharing your thoughts on both! very valuable.

and now, how to solve the mystery of your unused acquisitions...if you put those items on, do you wear them, or take them back off? do you feel wrong all day, if you wear them, or are you glad that you made the effort? if they don't feel right, they have to go.
fashionaddict said…
indeed we do (abt the auschwitz post and fashion as reprieve).

and you are right about clothes having to go if they feel wrong - i've already decided to pull out a few things and give them away if i don't wear them within the next 45 days. i don't know why 45 days exactly, but i've always liked that number.

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