okay it's new york fashion week...

...but it's also Chinese New Year, so between and all the last-minute cleaning and fixing of dinner and clearing the work that needs to be done before the glorious 4-day break begins, there's not much time for me to poke around and look at looks from the latest New York collections online. I did have time, however, to click through the Sartorialist's shots of show-goers on style.com, and from the looks of the posts here, you'd think women don't wear trousers in winter any more - wee little skirts and dresses worn with tights will do. The only true winter I've experienced was in China, and no way in hell I would have survived winter like that. Maybe keeping the upper body warm is sufficient. Or maybe the weather in New York City is milder then I imagine. Anyway, it did end up making the few trouser looks stand out -


Pictures by Scott Schuman on www.style com


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