totally random chinese new year shots

^^Bags of oranges and lanterns lined up as gifts at a reunion dinner held for the elderly by a school and a community group - many of the elderly there don't have family to have reunion dinner with.

^^Last minute Chinese New Year spring cleaning - I attempted to colour-coordinate my books, but I don't think there was much of a visual impact. I probably need more books.

^^More clean-up - I redid my "random thoughts" bulletin board using some of my photos from Europe last year. The old ones I took down actually needed slight dusting. Martha Stewart, I am not.

^^Preparing reunion dinner on New Year's Eve - those are my hands holding the chopsticks turning the meat balls in the pot.

^^Fried red sea bass - going into the "eight treasures pot".

^^Behold, the "eight treasures pot" - our reunion dinner.

^^Collections for day one of the New Year - one from mum, one from a friend of mum's, and one from my cousin. Not bad, and I didn't even need to do any visiting to collect them.


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