underdog at gucci

I'm quite the underdog supporter, so when a collection gets a drubbing, it actually encourages me to have a look because I always think (over-optimistically) "how bad could it be?" And indeed, in the case of Gucci collection for fall, my first thought (having been influenced by the lousy reviews) was "it's not too bad."

It's definitely overdone, over-accessorised, over-styled and too much on too many counts - I kept thinking of Roberto Cavalli - but the consumerist in me spotted quite a few things I wouldn't mind adding tomy closet. Like the printed dresses, an easy look with a black tux jacket thrown over -

The furs (I don't wear real fur though) were also beautiful, very airy and light looking and luxurious without looking precious -

And this is either a great dress or a superb velvet skirt -

And great shoes! I love chunky shoes that AREN'T PLATFORMS and these are perfect - lots of attitude and not all overdone, unlike the rest of the collection -

Frida Giannini's 40s'/70s' rock chick vision for Gucci should have been a surefire hit - but it hasn't really worked out, and it's really too bad that she just can't seem to put her finger on it. This collection was all over the place but I saw hints of her strengths, which is - making a great printed little dress, cutting some very nice narrow trousers, and using accessories to set the tone of the collection.

I've also liked the way she shows a variation of her idea of a pant suit - a biker-ish cropped jacket with slim trousers - every season (take a click through her past collections) but it doesn't seem to come together very well. (I wonder what kind of impact this is having on the actual financials of the company...)

But I tend to root for losing teams, so I'
m going to try and see the bright side of the collection. Just don't make me buy one of their monogrammed bags...

Pictures from www.style.com


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