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"Collegiate" is an appealing and yet sometimes dated term to me - I like the elements, but often it can feel a bit tired as a concept. But Patrick Robinson has urbanised the look in his first collection for Gap. Yes, the Gap. I had been somewhere eagerly awaiting to see what fresh magic he can insert into a mass market label famed for khakis, and he didn't disappoint. (Those Pierre Hardy shoes helped.) There were a fair number the pieces that are (well-done) staples that benefit from nifty styling, but there were also a few very covetable things that were beautiful and quite original and I suspect, will command some rather high prices when they hit the store. It's a bit of a pity that his first collection should be a fall collection - those grey puffa pieces gave me serious cold weather envy.

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editor said…
i'm lazy, so i looked at the pictures before reading what you wrote. i'm shocked that this is for the gap. hope the stuff looks as good in person - might be the first time i've entered a gap in... a loooooonnnnnngggggg time. better be worth it. ;)
fashionaddict said…
i'm looking forward to seeing the stuff too, though i couldn't help wondering about prices. and pity it's a fall collection - the clothes will be a tad too warm to wear here.

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