my kind of kane

I've always found the designs of Christopher Kane on the fussy side, and it's didn't help that he arrived on the scene right at the forefront of the whole bodycon thing, which holds no interest for me. But he got my attention by drifting - still too fussily - into wispy chiffons for spring, and now, he's got my attention again with his dreamy, sensual collection for fall. It's a lovely counterpoint to all the tailoring and sombre looks that designers have been sending out, a touch of softness without losing the sense of moodiness I find quite appealing for fall.

I love the 1920s feel of the dresses and the way they seems slip over the body - really quite amazing for someone who started out so in-your-face in terms of design. I suppose this is a designer who's less concerned with finding a signature and more keen on experimenting with different textures and looks and techniques. I definitely prefer this Christopher Kane over all I've seen so far, but it'll be interesting to see what turns up next.

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