bang for your buck

The madness of the weekend has passed, and as usual, I have not managed to rest. I do have a few things to show for it - that is, my blocked and runny nose (hence no work today, even the wicked have to rest), my aching feet (from bopping all Saturday night to Bang Gang (above)! Best gig of the year so far!) and my TATTOO!

Okay, it's only an outline so far (need to return for the shading) but I love it already, in spite of the fact that I've been banned from swimming, sleeping on my back, and it itches like hell. I travelled all the way to KL to get it down, and for the 5 hour bus ride back, I could not lean back, and thus found myself falling asleep in all sorts of body-numbing and (once the body regained feelings) sore positions. A process that was, no doubt, far more painful than the actual tattooing itself, but perversely, the pain and itching kind of thrills me because I've been wanting this tattoo for the longest time, and this is proof that it finally happened.

I'm also quite thrillled about the aching feet, because no doubt, the Bang Gang DJs (from Aussie) set at Velvet on Saturday was one of the best clubbing nights out I had in a while. They were here as part of the Ready Set Glo nights at Velvet Underground and they were fantastic - very fun, energetic mixes that got me jumping up and down. Note: I love DJs that dance to their own music and throw CDs of their own music to the crowd. We didn't get off the dancefloor for about 2+ hours, and by the time we were done, my knees were groaning and my thighs ached (I am an old woman at 24) and I was dying of thirst. All in all, a most successful weekend.

Have a listen at the Bang Gang podcast here.

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