venturing into the wilderness

So yeah, I bought something again. I have no guilt about this one however, since I've been wearing my current swimsuit since 2003, and it's starting to look just a tad worn out though it's holding up. I do have a second one from Topshop that annoys me to no end because it's only good for sitting around and not for getting into the water, which makes it all but redundant. As evidenced by my first swim suit, a good one really lasts.

Swimsuits are so tricky to get, and I'm glad that after a dispiriting year of trying on hideously unflattering or badly made bikinis, I finally find this one byMelissa Odabash on the Outnet that gets all the ticks on my checklist. It's so hard to find something in a clean cut, with a good lining, made of a nicely-lined fabric that stays firmly put when you dive into the water, and devoid of hardware, prints and unnecessary ruffles. Oh, and under US$200.

Melissa Odabash is one of those swimwear designers you always read about and I'm incredibly curious as to whether she lives up the hype. I especially love the colour; I've actually been wanting to paint my walls this exact colour combination.

This marks yet another tentative foray (my third) into online shopping; I hate not being able to try something on to make sure fits, and it's surely ironic that of all the tricky things in the world to buy on the set, I buy a swimsuit, which seems to me fraught with risk when it comes to sizing and fit. I'm hoping all the time I've spent trying actual suits has made me confident about what size I need, and I suppose if it's a disaster, I can always return it (and wince at returns fee).

I also sincerely hope that it actually makes it here this time; I'm still mildly depressed every time I think about the time I ordered this dress from La Garconne and was told after I ordered and paid that the dress was actually out of stock. Outnet, don't fail me now!

Picture from the outnet


Alex said…
The swimsuit is really nice, I have the same problem with finding something nice that doesn't threaten to fall off when you are swimming. funnily though some of the best things I have bought have been online. I hate the feeling that you have to buy..
yanqin said…
I haven't bought online much, but I suppose the experience probably improves over time as you learn from each purchase what works and what doesn't.

The shipping costs are the worst for me since many of the best outlets ship from the US or Europe and sometimes for inexpensive items, they exceed the cost of item itself, which seems silly.

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