I rarely wear all black, because: a) it reminds me of the time I worked as a sales assistant during a sale and the memory of being swarmed by women haunts me and b) I find it hard to match blacks of different fabrics. Plus, I don't own many black tops.

These pants lend themselves especially well to being worn with different blacks though, being light wool and very matte, hardly reflecting any light. And all-black goes so well with my new taupe belt (looking just beige here.)

I like the anonymity and plain-ness of this outfit, which surprised me because sometimes I think people who wear all black look dramatic. I suppose such is the versatility of black that it can be done in many ways by many people. Fabric is important though, if I want to wear black in my tropical surroundings; it bothers me than it bothers most. So the top is a loose linen knit which is actually cooling to wear.

(I don't especially like these outfit pictures taken with my phone camera, but my proper camera is currently travelling through Australia with my sister, so it can't be helped.)


Well done with the belt as an accent.
Anonymous said…
the belt looks great.. i wish i had a slim waist to do the same. your bag looks awesome with the way you carry it too...

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