online shopping experience #2

I was given La Garconne gift certificates for my birthday in July, but amazingly enough, although I always thought I would buy practically everything in there if I could, I didn't actually find anything that moved me to use the certificate until now. There had been plenty of beautiful things, but I wanted something that had the extra touch of "specialness" to mark the fact that it was a much appreciated gift.

I found that in this Luella dress -

I have never thought much about clothing by Luella because I had an overall impression of twee-ness - I am generalising - and that doesn't appeal to me.

But I liked the clean, sombre lines of the dress set against the feminine fabric, and my mind kept wandering back to this dress, even though I was more keen on a pair of Rag & Bone trousers actually. In the end, fed up with my indecision - in large due to the fact that shopping online for me is always an experience filled with uncertainty and insecurity - I put off buying anything for months.

And whee, the dress has been marked down! Am I buying because it's on sale? Is it because I'm feeling sentimental because Luella has lost its backer and its in the doldrums? Am I spending recklessly because it's a gift certificate and hence it's not costing me anything?

I don't know. But I know this is a bloody adorable touch -

And so I gave in. Can't wait for it to get here.

Images from la garconne


Silje said…
That is a beautiful dress, I love how sober it is.
Ammu said…
Lovely dress. And all your reasons for buying me are excellent - especially the bow on the back :)
fashionaddict said…
silje: yes it's beautiful. i do hope it fits as it imagine.

ammu: i have always been good at justifying my buys :) i hope these reasons hold over time.

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