we don't go out when it rains

Magazine: Dossier Issue 5 Spring/Summer 2010
Photographer: Cass Bird

I've been mostly holed up at home since Friday, because it's been raining madly all week and it's perfect for cozying up at home taking naps, reading, tidying, and watching some tennis and football of course (Go Germany, I knew you could do it). Not looking as cool as Daria Werbowy does though.

Appropriately, HBO showed "Rain Man" yesterday, preceded by another bit of Dustin Hoffman goodness, "Kung Fu Panda", and then later I caught "Misery", which gave me second thoughts about being stuck at home, unable to go out.

Anyway, rounding off this awesome weekend of randomness is a blog award (Versatile Blogger Award), kindly bestowed by Ammu. Thanks so much!

So, as required, seven things about myself:

1) I love being on water, underwater
2) I loathe being condescended to
3) I have great liking for food
4) I love to read, and wished I did more of it
5) I feel guilty for not working hard enough, but feel guilty when I work too hard
6) I believe in doing things in great style. Why be half-assed about anything?
7) I am greatly contented whenever I'm travelling

And also as required, passing it on to bloggers I like: Prêt á Porter P, Observation Mode, Up and Down Town, The Limbo of Vanity, Journal d'une Afropeene, Moodboard, and Everything and Nothingness

Pictures scanned by finn on tfs


Pret a Porter P said…
How appropriate that the award is a little octopus for you ;) Daria's dress reminds me of the dress I cut the top off of.
Thank you for the award!
yanqin said…
Yep, the final link to "everything is connected" weekend. and you're welcome, glad to pass it on.
Aïssa said…
Thanks for the award!

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