Photographer: Todd Selby
I love The Selby for its tidy little vignettes of people and their style. A few photographs may not be an accurate summation of taste and style, but I'll take it, especially when it conjures images of kicking back in loose jeans and shirts and an array of cute, comfortable, boyish shoes.
This to me, naturally makes him a great fit for advertising - to create worlds that you want, and therefore will buy. And because he features "real" people, there's a tantalising sense of attainability.
I liked his ads for Cole Haan (the pictures above are some of them) even if I mostly didn't care for the actual people featured - I was sold on imagery and its connotations. I didn't buy any shoes from Cole Haan (well, maybe ads can only do so much) but it made me connect Cole Haan to a favourable frame of mind.
Anyway, these are just the perfect pictures to ring in the weekend.
Pictures from the selby and cole haan


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