a final sift

I found these on what I think of as my last sweep through the dregs of the seasonal sales - when the merchandise has been cleared off and there's only so much to look at. It's less overwhelming to shop and in the case of stores with a huge range of stock and design, something I missed earlier is bound to appear.

I love what I found - I finally found a pair of non-black trousers in a beautiful crepe-y dove grey - exactly the fit I want and 70% off as a bonus. From Massimo Dutti, whose shop staff must think I'm a stalker.

The lace shorts are a surprise - I was last drawn to lace at age 6. But these have an antique-y patina (as antique-y as possible for Zara) and the loose flippy cut is a plus in the hot weather. I tried it on for fun and found that I didn't want to take them off. It'll be a nice switch from my usual denim or khaki shorts.

It's been a good sales season for me, maybe it felt more exciting to buy things coming off a shopping fast. I feel ready to shop less and spend some time appreciating what I have.


Pret a Porter P said…
I like the trousers! Great choice.
Unknown said…
super finds!

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