lunchtime damage

I didn't buy this sweatshirt in the end because the sleeves were too short and I was bit meh about the colour, but then while looking for a pouch-thingie to organise the mess pooling at the bottom of my bag, I found the above long-sleeved version in a darker almost taupe-y grey, going at 50% off. Good things come to those who wait, no?

And I did find the perfect pouch to hold small essentials like lip balm, sweets, tissues and iPod. Nicely-padded, with compartments inside to hold things in place, plus cute chambray-look nylon.

When Muji is awesome, it is awesome.

And while grabbing food (the purpose of lunchtime), I saw a bookstore selling heavily discounted books. And not just any books, but choice titles like:

For S$7! I usually buy one book at a time because I hate an unread book on my shelf, but didn't think the books were going to stay around for long.
I'm poorer for it, but my life is a tad more organised, my mind infinitely enriched, and my wardrobe sighs and tells me it's time to bring back the shopping fast.


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