The moment: in the 116th minute, when Andres Iniesta fired out a heroic shot and dashed the hopes of the Dutch.

Joy -

Spain captain and goalkeeper Iker Casillas, the Golden Glove winner, and deservedly so.

I thought it was a wonderful game, kept me on the edge all the way to the end. The Dutch played forcefully and their faces at the end were heartbreaking, but Spain were the ones who man-ed up and delivered the goal to save us from a penalty shootout, that horrible way to decide fates.
Anyway, one of my personal favourite moments from the match: Carles Puyol's leap into the air for a header. If you watch the live replay in slo-mo, it's almost ballet.
And hurrah for Uruguayan striker Diego Forlan winning the Golden Ball.
Pictures from the new york times


If Jane said…
oh thank you for sharing my joy for the "beautiful game" ;)
& so happy that casillas got the golden glove, forlan the golden ball & mueller the golden boot!
oh & iniesta's goal & tribute to friend...
oh i could cry now!
lin said…
It ended rather well...especially compared to the last world cup.

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