a stash of gold

I didn't expect to buy anything at the Zara sale (how many of my sentences start like this?) since it was the first markdown and I know the shirt I was eyeing would still be way overpriced. And no trousers caught my eye! Boo. Next season then.

But then these very reasonably discounted and supremely comfortable flats sat in one corner twinkling quietly in my size, and I was pretty much sold the minute I slipped them on. It's like a little party on my feet.

Sometimes I find the things at Zara overpriced for the make, but the shoes are often nicely done very good value for money.


Pret a Porter P said…
Those shoes are beautiful. I like the little beads they added on top of the discs too. They remind me of c3po ;) which anything that takes me back to star wars is a good thing. :D

I had no luck @ the zara sale, which is good for my wallet. And nothing that compels me enough to drive an 1h45min south to the bigger zara. Though I am waiting for one of my sale buys to show up on my door step.
yanqin said…
I didn't see the C3PO-ness of the shoes until you said it! Now I can't get it out of my head; I think I like these shoes even more now, if possible.

I feel your wallet relief. Can't wait to see what your sale buy is!

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