unworn, unwilling to let go

I was tidying up my closet today and pulled out a dress I bought last year or the year before (can't quite remember), and never wore.

This brought out a moment of obsessiveness and I started sifting around for more unworn things I can't bring myself to throw it away. And I don't mean worn once, and never again. They are just things I staked a claim on and never wore.

There's this Paul and Joe printed dress whose shape and print I love, but it's a tad short - something I somehow didn't notice when I tried it on.

I think it's sentimental value that's making me hold on to the bag - it cost maybe 4 euros and I found it in an antique shop full of clocks, furniture and postcards in Prague.

I bought the top in a magpie moment at Topshop. I have never felt the urge to wear it. But I have never once considered throwing it out.

I love the way the black dress (something Osman Yousefzada did for Mango)looks, just not the way it looks on me. I'm not sure why I bought it at all; it's a little short (I think things being too short is the link here).

The wooden bead necklace was purchased in a market in 2005, and it just hangs from a hook on my wall, like a decoration. I love wood as a material, which is probably why I bought it in the first place because I don't wear jewellery.

They've survived a number of purges, simply because I like looking at them, even though I have no other use for them - which should bother me because I usually find not using stuff I buy wasteful.

I suppose it's okay so long as I keep this tendency to the minimum. Hoarding bothers me.

(And hmm, the Polaroid effect of ShakeIt makes pictures taken with my iPhone slightly more presentable.)


Pret a Porter P said…
Why not wear the too short ones as tunics? Slim jeans have a way of rescuing things. And that sequin top may look pretty cute with the sequin shoes, though I am biased to being matchy-matchy.
yanqin said…
Haha, I see matchy matchy as a good thing!

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