unworn, unwilling to let go

I was tidying up my closet today and pulled out a dress I bought last year or the year before (can't quite remember), and never wore.

This brought out a moment of obsessiveness and I started sifting around for more unworn things I can't bring myself to throw it away. And I don't mean worn once, and never again. They are just things I staked a claim on and never wore.

There's this Paul and Joe printed dress whose shape and print I love, but it's a tad short - something I somehow didn't notice when I tried it on.

I think it's sentimental value that's making me hold on to the bag - it cost maybe 4 euros and I found it in an antique shop full of clocks, furniture and postcards in Prague.

I bought the top in a magpie moment at Topshop. I have never felt the urge to wear it. But I have never once considered throwing it out.

I love the way the black dress (something Osman Yousefzada did for Mango)looks, just not the way it looks on me. I'm not sure why I bought it at all; it's a little short (I think things being too short is the link here).

The wooden bead necklace was purchased in a market in 2005, and it just hangs from a hook on my wall, like a decoration. I love wood as a material, which is probably why I bought it in the first place because I don't wear jewellery.

They've survived a number of purges, simply because I like looking at them, even though I have no other use for them - which should bother me because I usually find not using stuff I buy wasteful.

I suppose it's okay so long as I keep this tendency to the minimum. Hoarding bothers me.

(And hmm, the Polaroid effect of ShakeIt makes pictures taken with my iPhone slightly more presentable.)


Why not wear the too short ones as tunics? Slim jeans have a way of rescuing things. And that sequin top may look pretty cute with the sequin shoes, though I am biased to being matchy-matchy.
lin said…
Haha, I see matchy matchy as a good thing!

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