old friends

I am having a moment with this black skirt, which I almost never wore since I bought it 4 years ago because I take big steps when I walk and that isn't really possible with this skirt. For a while, it was in the possession of my mother but I recently reclaimed it for a second chance.

Also, super pleased to have my stripey sweater back (my sister borrowed it for a trip). I don't know what people mean when they say stripes are overdone. A good stripe is a good stripe. It encapsulates a sense of athleticism, seafaring, Breton chic, a graphic statement, carefree-ness, in a simple statement. I felt very complete walking around today.


Anonymous said…
Great outfit. Stripes can never be overdone!!! The black skirt looks veratile on you, fits so well.
A striped shirt is a classic.
If Jane said…
perect outot for me...;)
lin said…
Stripes are one of the few things I can look at say with with 100% conviction that it is and will always be very me.

And thanks for the kind comments about the outfit!

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