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Photographer: Scott Schuman
I want the whole outfit, except for the ascot, which, nice touch of colour as it is, is too dandy for me. And I've always found the the Hermes belt with the H a bit distracting and ostentatious, for Hermes especially.
But I love that jacket/cardigan thing, I love the gentle volume in the jeans, I love the colours of the outfit (la mer, again), as well as his relaxed demeanor.
Digressing slightly, I've never thought of myself as someone inspired by menswear; I don't see this outfit as a men's outfit - I see it as unisex. I wear dresses and skirts (less often, but I do) and for all the simplicity in men's dressing I admire, I still enjoy the diversity of womenswear even if I don't necessary want to dress in all the styles out there.
But I'm very drawn to, to quote Margaret Howell, "equal dressing" items which are classic and flattering to both sexes, because I like the idea that some ideas have been perfected (say, a shirt, Chucks) and are so good that neither gender needs to improve on, and can share, it.
They are the perfect fundamentals for me; in fact, they ARE my entire outfits most days, and as and when my whims take me, they can be built upon, embellished, but they always retain their integrity as perfect, well-thought- out ideas made into reality.
I think feel slightly gushy this morning about this because I am wearing a shirt I am very fond of. Probably inspired by what editor wrote beautifully about here.
And also probably because I'm quite sad about Germany losing to Spain in the World Cup semi-finals last night. But vamos Espana, I like you more than I like the Dutch team.
Picture from the sartorialist


Anonymous said…
I love perfected designs.. Chucks are the epitome for this :) I bought two tops and a dress this year. All three are white and navy striped! I know how it feels to want to dress in the same outfit everyday..
lin said…
Yes, sometimes I think its almost an impulse to keep wanting the same thing, and I'm not sure if it's a good thing...

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