"water, water on the seeds"

At the back of my head, I'd always pictured myself some day finding a scarf in vibrant print (something purplish, bluish, greenish) and delicately embroidered with something gold (beads, matte pailettes, anything). And then I see this on Style Bubble, proof that the creatives do it better than me when it comes to this sort of thing - the limits to their imagination are obviously far more distant than mine.

Created by Lucy Hutchings (jewellery designer) and Athena Procopiou (illustrator)for the Adam & Eve projects, I love the geometry of the metal bar links on the flowy watery print, and how they echo each other and enhance the details. And I can just imagine the satisfying heft of the hanging crystals in the corners, keeping the holding nicely in place. It reminds me of the heavily jewelled pieces you sometimes see on women wearing saris in hindi movies - a dazzlingly elegant and yet practical touch.

The effect has a magical naturalistic feel, and it's the sort of thing I picture a fairy queen from a Victorian poem might wear. Or make that an alien queen from a distant watery planet. Now if only it wasn't GBP813. Check it out here (there are movies describing the process!) on the Adam & Eve shop.

Picture from the adam & eve projects


Pret a Porter P said…
I love the colors here, very aquatic looking, like fish scales.
yanqin said…
Anything with a marine/aquatic theme really grabs me these days...

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