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I've been really really craving a trapeze dress. Okay maybe not quite as swingy as a trapeze. I was thinking more along the lines of a nice A-line shift, like the one this woman is wearing -

Phillip Lim creates exactly what I want under his label 3.1 Phillip Lim, like this -

I like the breezy feel of a short dress that's unfettered by the presence of a waist. But I hate babydolls, especially short ones, because they are, as I am fond of repeating, infantile, like this look from Fendi -

I don't want to look like an overgrown baby. I don't want to look like somebody's paedophilic fetish, as some girls do when they pair the babydoll with a headband. Jeez.

This one from Diane Von Fursternberg is more like what I have in mind -

So a trapeze/A-line shift seems like such a happy compromise. Except that the look is far harder to pull off or even find at all than I imagined. Some give you seriously manly shoulders (if your shoulders are already erm, kind of manly, like mine); this shape is especially guilty of that -

It's such a cool dress (from Jovovich-Hawk) but you need to be very narrow and skinny to wear that.

Many are just tooooooooo short and gives me that "you forgot your pants" look, like this one from Topshop (and it's a dress, not a top, I asked the staff) -

Plus I don't want a shift that looks Mod-ish. I don't fancy the Mod look, even though I know it's where this trend is coming from. But I don't want to look like I'm off to a costume party.

Plus it can't be shapeless, or you'll look either pregnant or frumpy.

Happily, I did locate a suitable dress at Zara the other day, that recalls the feel of the first dress I pictured right on top, but minus the bow. And mine is shorter. I think I'm going to have to wear it with tights, but maybe I'll eventually gather the courage to wear it out with bare legs.

This is after months and months of hard work. Why is it soooo hard to buy something that's such an obvious trend? You'd think since it was all over the runways labels like Zara, Topshop, etc would be churning them out by the hundreds, but somehow, I never quite find what I want from these stores. Each season I get all excited after I see the collections from the various fashion weeks, thinking that all these stories prefessing to be right on trend would have them. And then I never find them.

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