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Wish I could have one of these for an engagement ring instead of a boring diamond solitaire ring.

(Hell, wish I could have one of these, anytime, wedding or not.) This one is a diamond and sapphire piece from the ever-so-lovely Art Deco period. I love blue sapphires, especially when they're in this midnight blue hue.

This one has a vaguely rock 'n' roll vibe -

I think it's the setting - it's silver rather than platinum, and it looks heavier. Would go quite well with my Yoko Ono-style Chanel couture wedding dress, hahaha.

This one, incredibly enough, is from 1770 -

It doesn't look antiquated at all - the design is almost sleek. I don't usually like diamonds set in gold but this one is an exception.

This 1920s piece features a diamond in the famous Asscher cut -

It's like looking into a house of mirrors, all the angles of the diamonds squaring off nicely.

I like this 1930s piece for sheer prettiness alone -

The soft floral design kind of sets off the simplicity of the round stone in the middle.

That was fun wasn't it? I just love how you can drool for free at SJ Phillips.

Pictures from sjphillips.com


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