lanvin, l'amour

My final gushy post before I take off for lunch - Lanvin's lovely bags.

I already love Lanvin dresses (now I can drool at the new Wisma Atria boutique), but their accessories have something of a growing obsession with me -

I suppose the relative anonymity of a Lanvin bag is what's attracts me to it. It's the kind of bag that's subtly distinctive and fine enough for some one to ask you where it's from, but it's not at all showy.

Lanvin is doing a great job of developing accessories for the house. Their ballet flats are highly covetable, and the trend for elaborate necklaces could perhaps be attributed to the creation of this Lanvin piece for fall 2005 -

And do I even need to mention those tulle-covered pearls? I think the great thing about Lanvin accessories is that they complement the look of the clothes pretty well, as opposed to being the main point of focus (as it is at Christian Dior or Gucci) or a completely separate and commerical entity (like at Balenciaga, where the bags never shown with the outfits). The pieces, while not shown on the runway, don't looks all that jarringly out of place with the entire Lanvin aesthetic.

And I love the mother-daughter logo of the house -

Thus, my love affair with Lanvin continues.

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