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Well, the renovation guy was just at my house looking at our kitchen as we prepare for a renovation before Chinese New Year (can you believe 2007 is near enough for us to start planning already?) and it got me fantasising a bit about redoing my room.

I don't want anything complicated, but I always fancied a chandelier -

That's from the Urban Outfitters website, which fascinates me (along with Fred Flare) with the array of utter nonsense (I mean it in a good way here) they sell that you never knew you needed. I like this one because it's fun and kind of Surrealist almost, and turns the whole grandoisity of a chandelier on its head.

I've also always wanted Venetian mirrors and Venetian glass furnishings, and this desk totally rocks -

There a shop in Holland Village Shopping Centre that sells them, but they're pretty pricy and I don't know what's an acceptably price and how to look out for good quality ones.

I like simple, bare walls, which provide a good canvas to put up framed photos and prints, but I was thinking a scattering of birds like this might look good -

Looks like a tattoo design I've been mulling over whether to get. In any case, I like the simple and yet moody feel of all this stuff, and I think it makes for soothing dwelling I can retreat to whenever I don't feel like dealing with reality, hahahaha.

None of this is particularly expensive to get, and it doesn't require any major demolition so it's actually quite a realisable project. I might even attempt this during the hols and cheer myself up after a terrible semester.

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