caramelly goodness

I've got my eye on this Coach bag from their Legacy collection -

In a yummy shade of brown that can only be described as "caramel," this bad has aslouchy, somewhat informal feel, but it also looks (and feels) very soft and luxurious, and tucks under my arm very comfortably.

And it's big enough for me to chuck all my nonsense inside.

And it has a very delicious inside -

I also like the turnlock closure in that tarnished looking brass, and the fact that it's distinctive, but not an obvious status bag. It's a classic.

The price is a little high (it's US$498) but the quality is great and I would much rather pay that amount for nice leather bag than a logoed-canvas somethingfrom a higher-end label. I've always liked Coach for the great design and quality and it's great that they come at a more realistic price for me.

So kudos to Coach.

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