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There are times when you feel like you can compose your entire wardrobe from one shop or label.

As I was strolling through, Topshop, that feeling happened, a small spark of excitement in my stomach.

Everything looked perfect I wanted to try armloads of clothes.

Topshop clothes tend not to fit me - the tops always seem too big or too small, the cuts unflattering, the lengths too short. Either that, the quality of the garment tends not to match the price tag - it's nearly always overpriced.

I've had better luck with the shoes, but otherwise, a walk through Topshop always leaves me slightly disgruntled - I'll try five items and look horrible in all of them - and when I do find something, it usually comes as a shock to me.

Yet this season has got me pleasantly surprised. It started with a grey knit buttoned vest which I like to call my Grandpa vest (I unfortunately don't have a picture of this), which I found slightly expensive at $59, but later turned out to be perfectly worth it because I wear it over EVERYTHING. It gives all my old tops a new breath of life, it's a cute touch over my dresses, and it's not so heavy that I can't walk around under the sun in it.

Then I saw this oversized cape/cardigan -

I've been wanting an oversized grey cardi ever since I saw this Stella McCartney cardigan -

It looks very nice over my skinny jeans and capris and feels very cozy, even though it looks kind of itchy. The volume makes it slightly avant-garde (by my conservative standards) but it's still practical enough to wear it every day.

I have a plaid pinafore-style dress that I've been wearing to death -

It was bought on the cheap in Bangkok, and I've been looking out for another one ever since. This one fits the bill -

Maybe it's a convent girl thing, but pinafore dresses make me feel very neat and sharp, while being incredible easy to wear (no waist!), and looks less frou-frou than a typical empire waist dress. My friend thinks my fetish for an unfettered waist means I run the risk of looking pregnant. But I ignore him.

It broke my heart when I learnt that they were out of my size for these shoes -

Love the mustard yellow, love that it's a shiny patent leather, love the slight platform, love the round/pointed/egg-shaped toe. And I love love love Mary Jane pumps, even though I usually don't wear heels. These would have been such a pop to my usually monochromatic looks.

And I'm waiting for the sale to buy this jacket -

I never buy heavy jackets at full price because in sunny Singapore, it's a complete waste of money. Even though this is one isn't all that thick and can be worn comfortably in air-conditioning, it's too heavy to carry around. I love the boxy cut, so hopefully I can score a good deal when the sales arrive.

I'm trying to hunt down this dress, which I spotted on the website -

It's highly festive, I have no occasion, but I want it. My theory when it comes to buying something fantastic is that if you buy it, the occasion will come.

Also on the website is a lovely Topshop Boutique shirt that is again, very Stella McCartney -

I like anything loose on top that isn't mumsy, and this one is kind of sexy, very boyfriend's shirt. But actually made for girls, which is good, because have you actually tried wearing your boyfriend's shirt. Unless he's built like Hedi Slimane (and thus buys Dior Homme shirts), chances are it's not a sexy look.

Of course, since I haven't actually tried the above two on, there's a 75% chance that it won't fit. But that won't come as a shock.

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