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In the midst of all the misery of exams, some time has to be set aside in the pursuit of beauty, so I went browsing around my favourite online shopping haunts.

I've always considered accessories the perfect pick-me-up when it comes to impulse shopping. I don't usually spend a lot of time debating over them because for me, unless it's a major piece like a handbag or fine jewellery, accessories are usually small, inexpensive items that are more fun than investment. Like some flashy costume jewellery. Bag charms. Coin purses. A wee bit of decoration and sparkle, just to indulge yourself.

And on a more upscale note, here are some lovelies that I spotted while poking around online. Not quite serious purchases - like a Burberry fur-trimmed trench, for instance - but special enough to make you feel totally spoiled.

I've seen these Colette Malouf cuffs at Quintessential -

They were going for $89 (if I remembered correctly), and I was sooo tempted to buy them, except that it didn't really sit nicely on my wrist - it fitted at the sides but there was a weird gap at the top. Tolerable if they were cheaper but not so when I could buy a dress for that kind of price.

Nonetheless, they are very pretty, and I hope they find a wrist match. I've been looking for something like it ever since, but sadly, have been unsuccessful.

This is one of the coolest rings I've ever seen -

I really like what Solange Azagury Partridge does for Boucheron - I think all haute joailleire should be really dramatic and fantastical in design, and I hate boring jewellery that doesn't go beyond traditional designs.

If you like this ring, check out the gorgeous "Exquises Confidences" couture collection, which is breathtaking.

I also like this cool Geoffrey Beene collar necklace -

It's the kind of statement piece that goes perfectly with all the austere looks being pushed for fall. Think of how it'll look with a simple sweater dress.

Finally, there's this lovely Juicy Couture tote that's on sale at Nordstroms now -

Love the slouchy shape and the soft golden hue and that fact that it'll hold lots of stuff. And check out the cute lavernder satin lining -

It's down to $283.90 from $455, and I am so so tempted.

Okay time to get back to the real world, but I know what I'll be dreaming of tonight.

Pictures from vivre.com; nordstrom.com


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