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I've been attending a spate of weddings lately, during which there is always the inevitable debate amongst those of the female sex - everyone aged between 6 to 60 has an opinion - as to what they would want their wedding dress to look like.

I've noticed a consistent preference for what I like to call the "Vera Wang bridal" aesthetic - a sleek column of chiffon or a full skirt of duchesse satin. Which is all and well - I really like Vera Wang's ready-to-wear collections - but the tastefulness is almost coming across as being a little bland.

Me? I want haute couture. Normally adverse to frills, I want something that's a miracle of craftsmanship for my wedding. I can even handle a bit of froth. Basically it should be a fantasy right? The occasion to pull off something that civilians like us will never again have the occasion for.

For a Yoko Ono vibe, I might pick this Chanel couture number from the recent fall 2006 collections -

I'll wear it complete with the high boots and gloves. It manages to be slightly edgy and terribly elegant at the same time. Perfect for a wedding to a rock star.

On a more traditional note - perhaps when I marry some fabulously wealthy member of European royalty (but not so royal that I have to err on the side of conservative), I'll wear this lovely Christian Lacroix from the spring 2006 couture collection -

I've always liked folds on a dress like these because it looks so graceful, and that bow is the perfect blue - it's such a strikingly sweet touch.

Okay conservative is acceptable only in the form of this Rochas from the spring 2006 collection (okay, it's not couture, but to quote Vogue, it could be demi-couture) -

Strict and sweet, and the short sleeves almost have a casual T-shirt vibe.

This is one by Anne Valarie Hash from her 2005 fall collection is good for my fantasy seaside wedding -

Light, breezy, pretty but not fussy. Looks good with both bare feet or some satin ballet slippers.

Ah well, I can dream right?


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