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So ugliness continues to know no bounds -

I usually avoid putting ugly things in my blog because I really really prefer to create a hideous-free zone somewhere on cyberspace, but from time to time, when it's just too good to ignore, I put up something like this heinous fur bag, by Renaud Pellegrino.

I am not all that against fur (as someone who wears leather and eats meat, who am I to judge), so the fact that I hate this has nothing to do with the fact it's furry.

It's that it's shapeless, has bits and scraps hanging around unnecessarily, and....more bits and scraps hanging around unnecessarily. And it looks so...dead. I know it's basically a dead animal, but parading it around like that is tasteless. It might be honest, haha, but I don't think that's what the designer intended. So it has to be concluded that he thought women would fancy dangling a dead animal bag from their arms.

This must be a joke like those silver Topshop tights, where someone decides to make something truly crap just to see if anyone will be foolish enough to part with their money for them. Yes, that must be it. This is the high-end version of the same joke.

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