It should be obvious by now, but just in case it isn't, here's the news - I love dresses.

And a quick flip through net-a-porter.com added to my list of lust items for the week.

I love the simplicity of these Chloe dresses -

It's not exactly new or all that unique, but it's one of those things you'd find yourself reaching for over and over again. The drapey grey one is especially lovely, I like the austere, almost monk-ish feel of the dress. And it's a great backdrop for unusual accessories like a bold necklace, colourful bags, or really offbeat shoes.

This See by Chloe dress is also very nice, though I think I might have seen it in some shop like Dorothy Perkins or Topshop or something -

A bit of clicking reveals that a kind-of-similar version in yellow appeared in The Telegraph this morning, and yep, it's from Topshop (sounds like time for another visit).

I've always been slightly curious as to why dresses are a "trend" as opposed to a "staple." After all, you can't say that people never wore dresses until recently, can you? But it just seems strange that designers and retailers are only coming up with more varieties now, as compared to two years before.

I can safely say that on the streets of Singapore, the only time you saw someone wear a dress was a) at a wedding; b) a middle-aged school teacher wearing some frumpy thing from Celia Loe; c) a conservative career woman wearing something conservative and black , possibly from Celia Loe; d) a Chinese teacher wearing a cheongsam; and e) prom night.

I've always fancied a dress, but I didn't like the idea of wearing a plain grey sheath (from, I don't know, Allure?) that reaches my knees (not a sexy Roland Mouret sheath, you understand, but a frumpy one guaranteed to make me age 20 years). Or some clingy clubby nonsense from that bastion of cling, Chaos. Or a yucky lacy floral-print sundress that only suits, you know, the girlish type that wears kitten heels.

Thankfully now we have a lot more choice, and yep, there's a dress out there for every girl.

There are prim dresses for those doing ironic prim and those who are really prim -


There are dresses for those who like a bit of laidback bohemian glamour (damn all those fashion types who declare bohemian over) -

Forever 21

There are dresses for those too chic for words (you know, the immaculate type who lust for Birkin bags and wear jeans only if they're of elegant bootcut variety from Seven, haughtily ignoring the skinny denim trend) -


Trendy types who like the Mod look will delight over the parade of babydoll minis -


There are artsy, quirky dresses for those who see themselves as being too alternative for easy-to-wear. safe looks (but shop at chain stores anyway -


There are dresses that even Celia Loe might approve of, like this one from Topshop -

For those seeking to emulate their Chinese teachers, Forever 21 has a few shiny offerings like this -

Those with a Stepford-wife aesthetic can still find pretty feminine dresses if they look past the trendy sombre offerings for fall -


The fun thing is that the sheer variety of styles available lets people mix and match and play with looks. A forty-something mum might buy the brocade Topshop shift and look utterly respectable with simple pumps and pearls and a good hair - her funky daughter might pair it with footless tights and some gothy make-up for a slightly more subversive, trashy prom look.

Yep, I love dresses.

Pictures from topshop.com; net-a-porter.com, mangoshop.com, forever21.com


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