My bag of the moment - this quilted leather tote with a chain strap from Oppt Shop -

I don't care much for their clothes because I generally don't care too much for the vintage clothes I've encountered. There are lots of claims about how they fit better, how people don't use the old techniques and fabrics anymore (as if there's any guarantee that a dress dyed in the 70's is superior to one dyed in the noughties).

I tend to be skeptical about all that, even though I do agree that vintage clothes have a certain nostalgic charm, and I like the idea that no one else will own the same thing. But the price tags seriously do not justify the buy.

But the accessories, in particular, the bags, are actually worth a good look. There are genuinely good ones, to be unearthed, like mine, which was only $59 - not bag since it's genuine leather and the chains are in good condition, as is the linings and all that. It already has that worn-in look and it somehow beats the kind of pleather Far East nonsense they're peddling these days.

Good enough while I salivate over the bag's original inspiration - the Chanel 2.55.

This has inspired me to give my mother's closet a proper raid - will save that for a bored rainy day after my exams.


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