taking out the trash

I believed I posted about this particular Chanel bag a few weeks back under the post "shine on," saying -
"I like how it kind of looks like a trash bag, how it has no regular shape, and how it looks it fits cushily under your arm. If I were looking for a designer novelty item, I would buy this bag."

Well, look what turned up on the New York Times style section -

Titled "Bag Ladies," the piece (by Bill Cunningham) was accompanied by this -

"At first glance, you might think these women are carrying trash bags. Well, they’re not. It’s the latest Chanel plastic carryall, about $1,000, with chain handles and a signature double-C charm. A few are in leather, and, one, below, is a rare satin one. The bag, first spotted in Paris last month, above, is the superstatus bag carried by shoppers on Madison and Fifth Avenues. There is a waiting list of months to buy one."
Some things are just too good of a thing to be kept a secret for long.
Picture from nytimes.com; style.com


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