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I actually laughed out loud when I saw this. It has to be another one of those jokes the people at Marc Jacobs came up with to see how many label victims will pay for something just because it's from a designer label.
It's $750 for goodness' sake. $750 for what looks like a Home Economics project. $750 for bag that looks like a freebie you get when you buy perfume. It's too cheap even for a stall selling cheap fake goods in Chatuchak.

Why, Marc Jacobs, why? I mean, after the loveliness of these from the fall collection -

And these to come from your latest spring collection -

It better be an ironic, mocking joke. It's too sad to think that the people at Marc Jacobs think they can get away with doing this because they think people are stupid enough to hoover up anything with a Marc Jacobs label on it.

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