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Dries Van Noten spring 2010; Dries Van Noten fall 2010
Inspired by something I read on Moodboard and haunted by these images of Dries Van Noten's collections, I kept wanting to pair my sweatshirt with something elaborate and rich, but I own no bottoms meeting that description.
Then my sister wore a Zara scarf print skirt she bought in the sales and all was well. Needless to say, I borrowed it.

It's not clear in the photo (I honestly don't know how people find time to take proper outfit photos) but my favourite thing about the outfit is the burnished gold sequins of my flats set against the rich print of the skirt, which also caught the gold hardware of my bag...and it's this sort of little echoes in my outfits that I find deeply satisfying.
And what would I do without my sisters' wardrobes to shop in for the little things I am missing?
Pictures of the runway shows from style.com


I like the combination of something casual with something glamourous.
Ammu said…
Very very chic! Love this outfit.
lin said…

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