a vision in white

Photographer: Bruce Buck for The New York Times

Via Habitually Chic, I spent a Sunday morning happily losing myself in Astor Courts, where Chelsea Clinton got married.

I've loved white interiors (and white anything in general) since I was old enough to be aware of these things, something my mother on the other hand, heartily dislikes. Wars have been fought over this when we decorate a shared space (my mother finds white funereal, and indeed us Chinese wear white at funerals). I find it refreshing that a stately mansion on this scale has used so much white and cream and various honey-tones, when I'd expect a heavier, more ornate style of decor and colour.

You can read more about the restoration here. Also, this place is apparently yours for US$12 million.

It does have a rather spare, uninhabited look but that's partly why I like it - it's like the architecture, rather than the furnishings, is the point.

Thanks to Habitually Chic for focussing on one non-bitchy aspect of the whole Chelsea Clinton wedding media circus!

Pictures from nytimes


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