lessons from the other sex part I

Photographer: Tommy Ton for GQ.com

Boredom at work and lunchtime enjoyment of a copy of the new GQ (US edition) drove me to take my once in a blue moon peek at GQ.com. Lo and behold, inspiration was found looking at Tommy Ton's snaps of men dressing well.

Top of the list of useful lessons is layering. Men know how to layer. They look toasty and warm doing it, and still 100% mobile and ready for action. I love functionality crossed with aesthetics.

I especially adore leather jacket-waistcoat-denim shirt-white shirt combo on the bottom left. And the leather gloves worn just beneath the cuff of the denim shirt under the checked jacket? Beautiful.
Pictures from gq.com


And they all wear chambray/denim so well.
lin said…
You read my mind - that's what I planned my next post on, in part inspired by yours on chambray..

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